OKR Hero Programme

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OKR Hero Programme

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OKR Implementation

We are with you all the way to make your transformation journey a big success.

WIN WITH OKR™* HEROES learn how to regularly deliver what really matters


During this transformation programme, the Heroes learn to align each other’s local priorities with their organisation’s key strategic targets

Our job is to help companies like yours succeed. ​

Let’s start a conversation about how we might help your company deliver what matters most to you.

We have designed our tools to provide you with data driven insights from the people within your organisation that enables you to make strategic decisions with confidence.


Having prepared your team to work with OKR we will discuss how best to profit from your learnings. Our progress coaches are there to guide and support the OKR groups throughout the entire cycle.

By the end of the 3rd month your team will have grown together, have a good understanding of how to set OKR’s that will add real impact, delivered way more than they expected and be motivated to start their next cycle.

Train, support and empower OKR Champions who will then have the expertise to penetrate their knowledge of OKR throughout the organisation. The Champions will be supported by additional interactive learning tools, that we have developed specifically for this purpose.

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