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Motivating changes

Welcome to Progress Factors, where we are dedicated to helping companies adopt a more effective approach to collaboration, target setting and achievement, which is both highly motivational and financially lucrative.

We deplore the out-of-date practices like FTE head-count reductions and productivity through pressure. Many of our new clients approach us whilst recovering from these kinds of projects.

The allure of short-term stock-market gains can be tempting, but these approaches invariably lead to disengaged workforces, which is the most costly line on anybody’s balance sheet.

It's all about you

So many teams all over the world struggle to deliver their targets and suffer under an immense workload. Our clients need not choose between supporting their strategic initiatives and overcoming their daily business challenges because they have learnt how to master both.

We have the tools and experience to help organisations deliver on target, so that the claims on their website finally turn into positive change on a daily basis.

– that’s where strategy happens!

From helping online gaming companies grow more rapidly and helping media portals deliver better news, to helping financial and commercial operations teams become more effective, we’ve seen pretty much every kind of project.

From helping huge PLCs to adopt a more agile mindset to simply helping manufacturing teams produce more key products, the scope of each project has been different, but the results have always been the same – more motivated teams and significant bottom-line impact.

Explore our testimonials page to hear what our clients have to say about their experience with us. For an in-depth look at specific projects and their outcomes, make sure to visit our case-study page for more detailed information and insights.

Less talk, more action

Founded in 2012, our team has healthy mix of digital natives, innovative disrupters and experienced leaders who had successful operational careers before joining us.

We were one of the very first OKR, a.k.a. Objectives and Key Results, consultants in Europe, and we have supported thousands of people in diverse jobs in using this framework.

Word from our Founder

Nick Stanforth

Founder of Progress Factors
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      I founded Progress Factors to help more people rid the workplace of boredom and depression. Our team is dedicated to helping our clients reconnect with the reason why they applied for their job in the first place, to re-ignite the spark they felt when they signed their contract. To finally deliver the change they dreamt of making when they accepted their job – that’s Where Strategy Happens!