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For a Brighter Future

Let’s Make Sustainability Everybody’s Business

Progress Factors helps people deliver goals by adopting a more socially responsible approach to performance management.  The most vital goal of our generation is to reverse global warming, and it is clear that we still have a long way to go.

Let’s get started

Prioritising climate change and promoting good working practices are no longer a nice to have. Moreover, making something a priority on your website is not the same as making it a reality.  

To attract and retain the best talent these days, we must offer them a socially responsible environment to work in and allow them to work on tasks with real purpose.  

Progress Factors helps organisations adopt the new working practices required to do both.

1.5°C by 2040 latest

The good news is that our projects have proven how adopting new approaches to setting targets and sharing information in a collaborative workplace speeds up progress exponentially.  

It might sound crazy, but our team has made a pledge to limiting global warming by 1.5°C by 2040, not 2 or 2.4°C by 2050 as some politicians are beginning to predict.  

Achieving more can be easier than you think, and we are convinced we can collectively hit that audacious goal, if everybody starts to share information more freely work closer with more focus on what really matters.

Let’s get   teal*

Companies all over the World waste time and resources, negotiating targets, which demotivate, are often soon out of date, or even simply get forgotten.  

Nobody wants to do a bad job, and since 2012, our team has repeatedly proven how treating people with respect, empowering their decision making and connecting the work they do to the value they add leads to significant, sustainable financial returns.  

Practice what you preach

There’s not much we don’t know about engaging teams and driving change, but we are still on our own internal journey to become more sustainable.  As a team, we stand by the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals and have chosen these few as the goals we believe Progress Factors can help best...