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Win With OKRTM

Learn how to regularly deliver what matters. OKR stands for Objectives and Key Results. It is a two-tier approach to target setting and delivery, which is used at many of the most successful companies of our time.

We use OKR to connect profitability with sustainability with our WIN WITH approach helping teams benefit swiftly from OKR, making the whole experience both enjoyable and profitable, right from day 1.

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Go Above and Beyond with OKR

Unlock the full potential of your organization by aligning your team’s efforts with strategic objectives.
Win With OKR Heroes, you can connect your strategy, priorities, and everyday reality to swiftly deliver a Return on Investment (ROI) that impacts where it truly counts.

Why Choose Us?

Aligned Priorities: Merge your local priorities with global strategies, ensuring everyone is rowing in the same direction.

Ongoing Support: We're with you through every stage of your OKR cycle, fostering a learning culture that pushes limits.

Swift ROI: Experience impactful results in just a few months, which can be re-invested into the next OKR cycle.

Empowered Teams: Each individual HERO will feel like part of those ground-breaking 10X success stories.

What our clients think

Peter Ulwahn

CEO TUI Musement at TUI
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OKRs are ​driving team performance ​based on ambitions and ​the moon-shot initiatives - the ​<outcome> mindset is also now effecting our management performance reviews

In their first OKR cycle,  66% of TUI Musement teams, delivered their “something audacious” target


Service Support Manager Europe
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We're finding out we have been doing some things for years, which have not been helping. OKR has helped us to free up more time, which has been very valuable

In Simon's first OKR cycle, his team shared best-practices to significantly reduce their worldwide ticket backlog in just 3 months


Internal Consultant at Voith
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Crafting ​OKRs helps ​me to be a lot clearer about what I really want to ​achieve - It’s much ​easier to collect lots of ideas than to decide which ones to execute

Svenja & her colleagues set 4 “unachievable” goals & then over-delivered them within just a few weeks.

Alessandro Petazzi

Co-founder & former CEO at Musement,
Board Advisor at TUI Musement
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If you can ​speed up decisions or make sure just 10% of the teams are more focussed on doing the right things, then it’s clear ​the ROI is pretty ​immediate - The 3rd ​time is a charm. ​I advise every team to invest in extensive training, in order to benefit swiftly from ​OKR​

After ​two attempts to ​implement​ OKR at TUI Musement, with limited support, Alessandro engaged Progress Factors ​to help them tap ​into OKR’s true potential​


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At the ​start we were sceptical, but now we agree OKR makes life much easier​

We like the OKR advocate just like the OKR sceptics once you realise the potential for yourself it will all make sense


Internal Consultant at Voith
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It felt like ​waking up & ​saying “wow-amazing how much I achieved ​in such a short period of ​time! - The higher ​you set your targets, the closer you come to achieving them​

Manuel ​soon discovered ​that asking ​“how to” achieve “unrealistic” goals, helped him ​find innovative ​solutions​


Global CIP Manager at Sartorius
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The difficulty ​is that we have so many other things to do. ​We need OKR* to keep focussed - We always had ​lots of bottom-up ideas. <OKR> helps ​us to identify the ones which will have an impact on the company goals

Gregor ​introduced OKR ​to Sartorius’ production, IT, ​Com Ops & Finance areas during a ​period of rapid growth

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Questions to Consider

  • Are you maximizing your ROI on current strategic initiatives?
  • How aligned are your local team objectives with your global strategic initiatives?
  • Are you tracking the right metrics to support your goals?
  • How would your organization benefit from a consistent, unified approach to goal-setting?
  • Are your ESG initiatives in tune with your long-term organizational strategy

Take Action Now
Don’t let another quarter pass by without aligning your team and strategy.

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We’re here to help you achieve what matters most to you, quicker, easier and with way more fun than you imagined possible.

Delivering exceptional results without neglecting your bigger picture is a challenge at the best of times. We want to help you adopt new approaches to target-setting, which will help you regularly deliver way more than you ever thought possible.

The impact on your team’s employee engagement and productivity will be significant, because everybody will learn how to double-down on what they really care about, how to align their priorities effectively and how to collaborate more effectively.

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  • What and how simple OKR is

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  • How it transforms strategy deployment

  • How it establishes a transparent, learning culture