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What else? Do you only offer One Voice & WIN WITH OKR Support?


Our team of Progress Coaches consists of experienced leaders and certified business coaches, all with impressive operational careers before they became consultants.


From Lean Manufacturing over Employer Branding to Net Promoter Scoring, we have a wealth of experience, which we match with each client’s specific needs.


Many of our clients request additional support such as management coaching to help them achieve their goals and we are always happy to help make strategy happen in any way we can.

Will One Voice or WIN WITH OKR replace our Personal Target reviews?


Personal target reviews aregood and sharing successes through bonus schemes is great. If you need helpdesigning or improving your scheme, we have experienced HR leaders on our teamwho can help.


However, OKRs and ONE VOICEresults should never have an impact on your team’s earnings and career reviews,because they don’t measure personal effort or performance.


Sure, our coaches work with ahuman-centric approach to help people develop their business skills andoperational effectiveness, but OKRs and ONE VOICE are designed to improve yourtriple-bottom-line business performance in the end – not the efforts of oneindividual.

When is the right time to get started?


Every service we offer can be started at any time throughout the year.

However, we do take your financial year and the calendar into account.


For example, if we start mid-year, we will most likely help you to deliver the targets you are already working on, whereas towards the end of your financial year, many clients request support in defining their next overarching strategic goals.

How do I know whether my team is ready for your support?


We have worked with thousands of people at the most diverse companies, in terms of company size, market and maturity.


Contact us today and we will soon be able to jointly agree which service will best suit your use-case.

How much time must my team and I invest?


We believe it is our job to speed you up, not slow you down, so everything we do is designed to have an immediate positive impact on your day-to-day deliverables.

Sure you might need to attend a ONE VOICE workshop or OKR training Bootcamp and we have designed our services to have a minimum negative impact on your time and on the environment.


We work hard to help you deliver more of what’s important to you, effectively meaning that you will simply spend more time working on the things you care about.


Contact us for more details about what to expect

What do these services cost?


Each kind of service we provide is designed to deliver valuable results right away – that’s why we are called Progress Factors.


Most of our clients benefit from almost instant time and financial rewards, meaning the Investment they make, gets paid back before “we have even have left the building”.


This is bold statement, we know: visit the testimonials page or contact us for more details about how we can support your own use-case

What’s the difference between OKR and Agile?


Most people use the term Agile to refer to Agile Project Management, where a product is developed iteratively with regular review meetings.

Will OKR replace our KPIs?


No, not at all: KPIs (Key performance indicators) are for running your business, whereas OKRs are about changing your business.

So if you want to improve the performance of a specific KPI, such as your market share for a new product,

you may focus on that performance with the help of an OKR, but the OKR will not permanently replace any KPI goals in the long-run.