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Case Study

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      We always had lots of bottom-up ideas. OKR has helped us to decide which ones to follow

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      We found out that we have been doing some things for years, which have not been having an impact. OKR has freed up time, which has been very beneficial

Areas of support

Number of participants:

approx. 500 people in total




International IT, Finance, Com Ops, Procurement, Production and Process Improvement Teams


In Germany with visits to Shanghai, New York and Cambridge, UK.

Project Scope

Each team joined our WIN WITH OKR™ HERO Programme, where we helped them to craft effective OKR targets, establish OKR Rituals like Weekly Check-Ins and Mid-Term Reviews; and then use the power of WIN WITH Grading to establish a transparent, learning culture.

About the client

Sartorius is one of the fastest growing bio-med companies in the World. Whilst we worked with them, they achieved their € 1Bn revenue target two years earlier than planned and had around 10.000 employees, working all over the World

Key Deliverables

With so many teams, it’s hard to say what impressed us most. Here are a few highlights:

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    Ticket backlog reduced by 40% in 3 months
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    Optimised procedures for replacing legacy systems after acquisitions
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    Ensuring their new Campus is a great place to work
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    Delivery efficiency increased to over 95% on a key production line to
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    Procurement reliability improved for parts sourced all over the World
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    Long-term headaches regarding “days-on-hand” management, solved within just 3 months
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    Data source accuracy and process innovations for quarterly reports
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    Treasury team established innovative approaches to managing short- and long-term liquidity

What we loved about this project most

The vibe at Sartorius’ campus is electric, because the company invested in the right tech and facilities and their employees were so dedicated to challenge every boundary.Working in their own on-site Conference Centre was only topped by the atmosphere in their canteen.

What we learned during this project

This was such a great project to showcase how OKR helps different kinds of teams in so many different ways. The diversification of teams and departments was also compounded by the international aspects. We all needed to pull together in order to keep the local initiatives in head quarters relevant and aligned with each region’s initiatives

How we overcame these challenges

As ever, management buy-in was a key factor. At Sartorius, we also were supported by a first-rate set of internal change-agents, who did a stellar job to help overcome every challenge, large or small.

The Secrets to success

As ever, senior management buy-in was a key factor. We also worked with some awesome internal project coordinators and change-agents. Sartorius also has a growth culture, and you could feel the ambition to go further and achieve more in each and every meeting we had their.

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