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Win With 5x
more ESG Impact

The great thing about sustainability strategies and best-practices is that people are ready to share them openly.

Challenge, share and succeed together
Win With 5x Champions are in friendly competition to achieve the greatest possible ESG impact. Like a workout partner in the gym, each group is motivated to be first and fastest and to learn from each other, but also to celebrate each other's successes.

Learn, deliver and grow together
Our Win With OKR approach has helped thousands of people in the most diverse teams deliver what really matters to them. Whilst delivering your own sustainability Agenda, your Champions will learn from the other teams' whilst adopting the Win With mindset, which can benefit other parts of your business.

Are you ready to turn your ESG words into action?
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Choose the format which works best for you

You might like to learn from 4 very different companies or prefer to organise a Win With 5x project with other parts of your own business. We are happy to support each of these four formats. :

Accelerate your ESG* initiatives

With significant operational challenges to address, it’s understandable that making ESG factors a priority on your website does not automatically lead to making it a reality. You too can easily become the organisation you aspire to be, whilst learning from others and adopting a WIN WITH OKR* mindset.

What is Win With 5x exactly?

5 Companies: which aspire to improve collaboration, strengthen performance and combat climate change.

Groups of 5 Employees: each company send groups of 5 employees, passionate about people and about driving change within their own teams.

5 Month Support: to learn from each other and receive 5 months comprehensive support in our hybrid WIN WITH OKRTM programme.

There is a different focus in each of these 5 transformational months and 5 sporting challenges they compete on. Sharing knowledge between each other and total invest for each company’s group of 5 participants.

Influence your success

Do good and talk about it
Win With 5x is not just an opportunity to deliver your sustainability initiatives, it's also a great platform to tell the World about it, proving your intentions are far away from Greenwashing. In addition to sharing your success stories on our own platforms, we can invite the best influencers in your market to follow our programme, so they can help you profit from your good intentions.

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